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Congressional Democrats Urge Labor Dept. to End State Abuse of Federal ERISA and Other Workers Compensation Laws

23 October 2015No Comments

Top ranking Democratic leaders from both house of Congress have filed a public letter with the US Department of Labor in which lawmakers outline and stridently urge for the federal government, specifically the Dept. of Labor, to prevent a pervasive pattern of abuse of state workers’ compensation programs by state officials. Specifically, the letter alleges …

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Houston Man Faces Federal Criminal Charges after Shining Laser Pointer at Commercial Airlines and Police Helicopter

22 October 2015No Comments

In Houston, federal officials officially unveiled the arrest of and charges against an unemployed, 26 year old male for intentionally interfering with the operation of an aircraft by way of using a laser pointer device. Officials charged Julio Cesar Valdez Salazar with violating portions of the FAA Modernization and Reform Act of 2012, which criminalized …

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More VW Executives Face Fallout in the Clean Diesel Emissions Scandal

21 October 2015No Comments

In a series of moves that has reshuffled Volkswagen Group’s upper executive management, VW head of quality control, Frank Tuch, was the fifth individual employed by Volkswagen to be suspended or removed from the company at its company headquarters in Frankfurt, Germany. The executive suspensions, in addition to the resignation of CEO Winterkorn in late …

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Texas Appellate Court Rejects Environmental Nuisance Tort Lacking

19 October 2015No Comments

In a potentially precedent-setting environmental nuisance case in the state of Texas, a Texas Appellate Court returned a verdict favoring energy industry defendants in a case that ultimately hinged on whether environmental nuisance tort claims in the state of Texas required certain evidentiary elements to succeed. In light of the Cerny decision, all nuisance filings …

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What to Do if You or a Loved One Is Injured by Medical Malpractice

7 October 2015No Comments

Seek Ongoing Medical Care, but From Alternative Providers If you or your loved one is harmed by medical malpractice, the first and most critical step will be to seek appropriate, competent, and understanding medical care by alternate providers immediately. In this sense, patients or loved ones considering filing future claims against negligent medical professionals need …

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What to Do If You Are Hurt in a Car Accident

4 October 2015No Comments

If injured in a car accident, the immediate response should be to seek medical attention. For individuals uncertain about the costs of this (perhaps uninsured), visiting a local emergency room or medical professional as soon as your injuries are recognized, despite the costs involved, is essential in ensuring your legal rights. In this sense, the …

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South Texas Nursing Home Employees Slaps 77-Year Old in the Face

2 October 2015No Comments

A fifty-one year old employee of the Esplanade Gardens nursing home facility in South Texas has been fired and is currently under police investigation after being surreptitiously videotaped in the act of slapping an elderly resident. South Texas news media and police officials were alerted to the elder abuse situation after the daughter of the …

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School Bus Accident Causes Death of Two Students on Loop 610 in Houston

30 September 2015No Comments

Officials from the Houston Police Department have confirmed the deaths of two students, as well as injuries sustained by two additional students and a bus driver, in an auto accident causing a school bus from the Houston Independent School District to exit Loop 610 in Houston. Officials and witnesses at the scene reported an unsafe …

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Missouri Car Accident on US 63 Near Springfield Kills One, Injures Two Others

27 September 2015No Comments

State Highway Patrol officials in Missouri have confirmed that an early Friday morning accident has taken the life of one, while resulting in serious injuries to two others. The car accident, which occurred in Simmons along US Route 63, involved two cars and a motorcycle. According to Missouri State Highway Patrol officials, the driver of …

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