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What is Assault?

Unlike most personal injury claims which sue someone for negligent behavior, a claim for assault is made after someone intentionally caused you harm. In this type of case, assault is defined as an intentional action that was intended to cause apprehension or fear of harmful contact. Assault attorneys such as those at Bandas Law Firm can help you determine if you were a victim of assault and if you should pursue a personal injury claim.

Someone doesn’t need to physically harm you to have committed assault; they only have to commit an action that would cause a reasonable person to expect that they would soon be harmed. Some possible examples of assault include:

  • Verbally Threatening Someone with Physical Harm
  • Placing your Fist in Someone’s Face and Pretending to Punch
  • Revealing a Weapon with the Intent to Scare or Threaten the Other Person

What is Battery?

When the person actually causes harmful contact with the victim, this becomes battery. Like assault, battery is an intentional action, not the cause of negligent behavior. Battery can involve physical contact between the two people such as a punch or kick, or it can happen more indirectly, such as throwing a bottle at someone or setting some sort of trap that harms them later.

Most of the time, assault and battery occur together, but assault attorneys know that that is not always the case. A person can commit assault but not battery, such as when they threaten someone else but do not initiate harmful contact. Battery can occur without assault when someone commits harmful contact without warning, such as punching or pushing someone from behind.

Personal Injury Claims for Assault and Battery

If you would like to sue for personal injury, you should get in contact with assault attorneys. Assault and battery can sometimes result in only minor injuries, in which case a personal injury claim may not be worth the time and expense. If the assault and battery resulted in serious injuries and hospitalization, this is a different circumstance, and you should consult the assault attorneys at Bandas Law Firm immediately.

If you have suffered a serious injury, you may be entitled to significant compensation from the person who committed the assault and battery. With the help of assault attorneys, you may be able to get compensation for:

  • Medical Bills and Fees
  • Lost Wages due to Hospitalization and Recovery from Injury
  • Pain and Suffering

Our assault attorneys at Bandas have years of experience helping victims of assault and battery get the justice they deserve. Even if the perpetrator has been convicted for the crime, you may still need additional help paying for the damages. That is where Bandas Law Firm comes in and helps you get the compensation you deserve.




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