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Bandas Law Firm Now Accepting BP Oil Spill Business Claims For Lost Income

BP oilIn an effort to help businesses in the Gulf states pursue compensation for losses associated with the tragic Deepwater Horizon disaster in 2010, the BP oil spill attorneys at Bandas Law Firm are now offering free claim reviews for affected businesses throughout Texas, Mississippi, Louisiana, Florida and Alabama. If your business has suffered as a result of the devastating BP oil spill, our qualified attorneys at Bandas Law Firm can help you pursue compensation for damages by filing a BP oil spill business claim. With the help of our extensive network of co-counsel relationships, Chris Bandas and our knowledgeable BP oil spill attorneys at Bandas Law Firm can assist clients across the United States in documenting their losses and submitting a business claim for reimbursement. Don’t hesitate to seek the compensation you deserve; contact Bandas Law Firm today and begin the process of rebuilding your business.


There’s no doubt that the Deepwater Horizon explosion and subsequent oil spill, which occurred more than two years ago, has had a crippling impact on businesses in Texas, in other Gulf states, and on industries nationwide. In addition to the fishing and restaurant industries, numerous other businesses in Texas, Louisiana, Florida, Mississippi and Alabama have suffered oil spill-related losses, including commercial shrimpers, seafood processors, oyster business owners, and even hotel and vacation rental property owners. There is no way to know definitively what ecological and environmental effects the BP oil spill will have in the long run, nor can business owners in the Gulf states know even now – two years later – what extent of impact the disaster will have on their profits. Fortunately, with the help of our experienced BP oil spill lawyers at Bandas Law Firm, businesses in Texas and other Gulf states can file a claim to recover losses resulting from the BP oil spill.


The terms of the settlement recently reached with BP dictate that the British oil company is obligated to satisfy all eligible claims for compensation, which will resolve the majority of claims for damages like business economic loss, failed business economic loss, and property damage stemming from the spill. If your company was adversely affected by the BP oil spill, causing you to suffer from a devastating loss of business or profits, contact our skilled BP oil spill lawyers at Bandas Law Firm today. Our team of experienced BP oil spill attorneys, led by Chris Bandas, can review your BP oil spill business claim for lost income and help you pursue compensation through the BP oil spill settlement program. Tens of thousands of claims for compensation are expected to be filed under the new settlement, so don’t wait. Consult our experienced BP oil spill lawyers today and seek fair and timely reimbursement for your oil spill-related damages as soon as possible.