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Defective Product Injuries

Consumers depend on government regulations and product warnings to alert them to any potential dangers associated with the products they use on a daily basis. Unfortunately, inadequate regulations and lax approval processes in place in the United States allow numerous unsafe and possibly defective products on the market for consumer use. Even worse, consumers often don’t receive warnings about these products until it’s too late. Too many consumers pass off injuries resulting from the use of dangerous products as accidents when a manufacturer may actually be to blame. Don’t let your child or yourself suffer the potentially life-altering consequences because of another party’s negligence. Contact an experienced Corpus Christi defective product attorney today and protect yourself and your family from further harm.


Defective products can include a variety of dangerous products intended for consumer use, and even for use with children. Among the most common types of defective products are:


Due to the large variety of consumer products on the market today, the range of injuries caused by potentially defective products is staggering. Unfortunately, a consumer product typically isn’t deemed faulty or dangerous until one or more consumers suffer serious injury or death by its use. This unnecessary harm can be devastating, especially when it involves a defective children’s product. Some of the most common injuries caused by faulty consumer products include:

In addition to significant physical injury, defective products can also inflict severe financial and emotional hardships on victims. Serious injuries can prevent victims from returning to work for a period of time, or even permanently, which can result in a devastating loss of income. In addition to lost income, the considerable medical bills associated with defective product injuries can result in an overwhelming financial burden.


Consumers use a wide variety of products on a daily basis, unaware of the dangers they may be exposing themselves to just by putting their child in a stroller, driving their car, or even having a supposedly life-saving medical device implanted in their body. If you or a loved one has suffered from a serious injury caused by a faulty consumer product, contact our Corpus Christi defective product lawyers today. You may be entitled to financial compensation for your injuries and medical expenses, which you can collect by filing a defective product lawsuit against the negligent party. Don’t let a negligent manufacturer get away with introducing a faulty product for consumer use. Consult an experienced defective product lawyer to pursue fair and timely reimbursement.