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Everyone Can Afford A Plaintiff Lawyer

If you have been the victim of an injury caused by a motor vehicle accidentdangerous drug, oil field accident, or another type of accident or injury, one of your first courses of action should be to contact a qualified personal injury attorney to review your claim. Many injured individuals fail to seek legal representation following an accident or injury however, because they don’t think they can afford an attorney; thereby significantly reducing their chances of a favorable outcome. Fortunately, all injury cases are accepted by our plaintiff lawyers at Bandas Law Firm on a contingency fee basis, which means our attorneys only get paid if they win your claim.


Dangerous drug injuries are some of the most devastating, not only because they can be fatal, but also because many consumers expose themselves to dangerous drugs on a daily basis without even knowing it. Consumers expect their prescription and over-the-counter medications to effectively treat their conditions without causing them any unreasonable harm. Unfortunately, there are some drugs currently on the market that are associated with side effects so severe they may actually outweigh any possible benefits of the medications. Regrettably, some drug companies intentionally conceal these side effects from the public, putting consumers at risk of serious injury or death without their knowledge. With the help of an experienced dangerous drug attorney, victims of pharmaceutical drug side effects can focus on recovering from their injuries while their lawyer pursues the financial compensation the victim deserves.


With the large number of oil refineries and oil fields in Texas, oil field accidents are an all-too-common occurrence affecting Corpus Christi workers. The injuries caused by oil field accidents in Texas can result in life-altering or fatal injuries, including traumatic brain injury, paralysis and amputation, which typically require extensive and costly medical attention. Unfortunately, oil field accident injuries often prevent employees from returning to work for a period of time as well, which can result in a devastating loss of income. There’s no question that victims of Texas oil field accidents require the expertise of a plaintiff lawyer who will accept their case on a contingency fee basis, allowing the injured victim to take legal action without breaking the bank. At Bandas Law Firm, our personal injury attorneys can help you fight to recover damages for your injuries and protect you from further harm.


The main goal of the Bandas Law Firm is to protect consumers and victims of negligence and defective products throughout Texas and across the country. In order to do so effectively and without turning down potential clients who are unable to pay upfront, our plaintiff lawyers operate on a contingency fee basis. For injured consumers, this means that your personal injury lawyer is equally as invested in your case as you are, which is more than you could hope for with other law firms. If you or a loved one has suffered from a serious injury because of a defective product, or if you have become involved in a business dispute or an environmental contamination conflict, our plaintiff lawyers at Bandas Law Firm can help you navigate the sometimes complicated legal process while also helping you protect your legal rights.