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Oil Drilling Becoming Increasingly Hazardous For Texas Workers

Oil drilling is one of the most dangerous jobs in the United States, putting workers at risk of serious injury and wrongful death on a daily basis. In Texas, fatal accidents on oil rigs have been on the rise recently, as oil drilling becomes more and more dangerous for workers in the oil industry. According to the Department of Labor, there were 35 on-the-job fatalities among Texas oil rig workers in 2003; that number rose to 49 in 2007 and decreased slightly to 45 in 2010. According to the Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA), increased drilling efforts in South Texas have led to a spike in fatal Texas oil rig accidents. In this region, seven oil field workers were killed last years, compared to only three in 2010. If you or a loved one has sustained injuries caused by an oil field or oil rig accident in Corpus Christi, contact our qualified oil field accident attorneys today.


There are a number of factors that contribute to the prevalence of workplace injuries in the oil industry. Oil rig workers typically work grueling hours, sometimes scheduled to report for 12-hour shifts for up to 14 consecutive days. In addition, oil wells often operate 24/7 despite extreme weather conditions, and productivity demands often mean new workers are brought on before they have enough experience to protect their own safety. “It may be true that there’s a lot of folks in the oil and gas industry doing things a certain way and don’t want to change. The truth is, something has to change because we need to affect these fatalities,” said the director of the OSHA office in Corpus Christi.


A common cause of injury on Texas oil rigs is what the Department of Labor calls “struck by” injuries. These workplace injuries may occur when high pressure causes debris to fly into the air, or when part of the rig swings loose and hits a worker. Some of the most common injuries sustained by Texas oil rig workers include broken bones, burnstraumatic brain injuries, and injuries to the neck, back and spinal cord. Unfortunately, many of these injuries have the potential to leave workers paralyzed or severely disabled, unable to return to work or gain a viable income. Even the less severe injuries, like broken bones, require medical care and often leave the worker with costly medical bills.


The expenses associated with oil rig and oil field accidents in Texas can be devastating, especially for workers whose injuries mean they miss days or weeks of work. If you have suffered from a workplace injury in the Texas oil industry, contact our skilled oil field accident attorneys at Bandas Law Firm today. Our law firm is located in Corpus Christi, and our lawyers are experienced in representing victims of oil field and oil rig accidents in Texas. With the help of our oil field accident lawyers, workers injured on the job can protect their legal rights and seek fair and timely reimbursement for their injuries.