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Texas Woman Sues Motorist After Suffering Injuries In I-20 Car Accident

Wrecked car

After being injured in a collision on Interstate 20, Texas resident Karen Head filed a personal injury lawsuit against James M. Smith on January 15, 2013, in the Eastern District of Texas, Marshall Division. In her complaint, Head is seeking an award of damages for physical pain, medical expenses, physical impairment, loss of actual earnings, loss of earning capacity and court costs related to her car accident injuries. If you have been seriously injured in a car accident in Texas, your first course of action should be to enlist the help of our qualified attorneys at Bandas Law Firm. Our law firm is located in Corpus Christi, and our knowledgeable car accident lawyers have experience protecting the legal rights of car accident victims throughout the state.


The car accident in which Karen Head was injured took place on January 17, 2011, as she was driving west on I-20 in the outside lane. According to her complaint, Smith was also traveling westbound in the outside lane, when he accelerated in an attempt to pass Head’s vehicle in the inside lane. Before he could do so, Smith reportedly lost control of his vehicle and slammed into Head’s vehicle. In her lawsuit, Head alleges that Smith was traveling at an unsafe speed for the road conditions, and accuses the defendant of negligence for the following:

  • Failing to control speed of vehicle;
  • Failing to keep a proper lookout;
  • Driving the vehicle without regard for safety and welfare of other persons or property; and
  • Failing to pay the same degree of attention that a person using ordinary prudence would have used in the same situation.


According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), in 2010 alone, more than 4,000 people were killed in car accidents in Texas. Furthermore, of the 3,000 total collisions in Texas that year, approximately 2,500 were caused by negligent drivers. When it comes to practicing safe driving techniques, negligence comes in all shapes and forms, including driver distraction, driver fatigue, speeding, reckless driving and more. If you have suffered significant injuries in a car accident in Corpus Christi, or elsewhere in Texas, consult our reputable lawyers at Bandas Law Firm to discuss your options for legal recourse. You may have grounds to file a personal injury lawsuit against the negligent driver, in order to seek fair and timely reimbursement for your injuries, medical expenses and other damages.