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Slip And Fall Cases: What You Need To Know

slip and fall accident can occur wherever you are, but it most commonly occurs when you are at a store or when you are working. When you slip and fall down, you are likely to injure yourself and you may find that your injuries last for much longer than you expected. Some people, unfortunately, have lifetime injuries such as back problems, neck problems, and similar.

No matter where you fall, you need to make sure you note everything that happened and spend time observing the area, taking pictures, or jotting down particular areas of interest so that you can present them to your personal injury attorneys later on down the road.

Many people who slip in a store or at their place of employment are able to file a claim and receive compensation for their injuries.


If you have fallen in a large or small store, you have a right to investigate the accident further and even file suit when appropriate. A company has a right to provide you with a safe place to walk and their property is supposed to be maintained at all times to ensure the safety of all customers.

For instance, if a company has a loose step and they fail to fix it, which leads to you falling down, it is their fault. Companies are responsible for all unsafe conditions that exist on their property and just not knowing about them is not a good defense. If you have fallen down in a store, you can recover funds from the accident if certain criteria is met to go along with the store’s irresponsibility.


One of the most common things that comes up in a slip and fall accident is the carelessness of the patron of the store in question. For a slip and fall accident to be viable in court, the accident cannot have been reasonably avoided by the patron and the patron cannot have been acting carelessly.

The types of questions you may have to answer include whether you knew the obstacle or unsafe condition was present previous to the accident, whether a careful person would have been able to avoid the situation, and whether or not you were participating in another activity that caused you to become distracted and fall down.


If you are ready to file suit against a business because of your slip and fall accident, you need to take a step back and first gather all of the evidence available. You should write down everything you can remember about the accident and provide any pictures of the scene or set the scene in your writing.

If there are security cameras in the building, you may be able to obtain a copy of the fall, but don’t be surprised if you are rejected when you ask the store manager, You may need to have your attorney ask for the videotape. Even then, you may be left empty handed.

Remember, avoid talking to any of the store’s upper management or the store’s insurance adjuster without having your attorney present. Talking to them can be a straight blow to your case as they will try to trap you and catch you off guard with your answers.

Before heading to the courtroom, hire experienced personal injury attorneys to represent you in your case. You will find that the process is much smoother with a lawyer by your side.