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In the event of a DUI or DWI arrest, seeking legal counsel is highly advisable. To begin, however, individuals should note that refusal to comply with a breathalyzer request in the majority of states results in an automatic license suspension period, which remains subject to further appeal should a driver elect to do so.

However, in a criminal DWI case, the results of a breathalyzer test or blood draw are frequently the linchpin of most criminal cases. However, officer observations and witness observations can corroborate visible intoxication or impairment despite lacking physical evidence from the time of the accident.

Ultimately, in any refusal to comply with a breathalyzer case, significant and highly nuanced state-specific case law will shape the contours of any legal defenses crafted, which is why counsel with a DWI lawyer from the outset of an arrest is highly advisable.

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A Brief Word on Court-Appointed Counsel & Private DWI Lawyers

While the financial impact of a DWI arrest can be astounding, the long-term costs for individuals facing unfavorable plea bargain terms or convictions are exponentially higher. Moreover, empirical evidence from the American Bar Association supports the argument that defendants using private counsel obtain more favorable outcomes than a comparable case defended by court-appointed counsel. The disparity is stark when one considers that the ABA study was conducted to determine the ethics of court-appointed counsel in light of long-standing and known disparities in sentencing, convictions, and plea agreements between the two forms of counsel, with questions of ethics and poverty impeding rights to fair trial being challenged in cases of court-appointed counsel defenses. Given that the following items are involved in the typical worst-case scenario of a single DUI arrest, resorting to the most effective means of defense is essential.

If convicted of a DWI or DUI, drivers can anticipate:

  • Significant periods of license suspension, with a high possibility of the sentence expanding beyond the minim requirements by law
  • Grossly increased insurance premiums once a driver reinstates a license and, in certain cases, protracted administrative law requests in cases of defendants seeking a hardship license
  • The loss of occupational, commercial, or chauffeur licenses, as well as the potential loss of professional licenses entirely unrelated to operating a motor vehicle
  • Community monitoring or probation, in which the defendant lives in limbo pending the resolution of a criminal trial while remaining unable to drive
  • Exorbitant fines, fees, and court costs with convictions leading to thousands of dollars more annually paid in SR-22 insurance profiles for first offender DWI arrests alone
  • Probable complications with future employment due to a criminal conviction

Certain states may refuse to look back past a certain number of years in determining a second offense, however, in certain states such as Texas, there is no look-back period in DWI convictions. As such, regardless of the time length between a first and second DWI, a driver will still face conviction on second offense DWI charges if arrested for a second time.

The Prevalence of DWI & Impaired Driving Nationally Is Astounding

With nearly 30% of Americans expected to be involved in an alcohol-related car accident at some point during their lifetime, and with roadway fatalities due to impairment occurring minutely on American roadways, states have responded to the deluge of DWI and DUI related arrests with differing approaches. In many instances for first offenders, avoiding incarceration is possible, except for states that require mandatory periods of incarceration post-arrest. This includes the state of Texas, which mandates three days of minimum time served for even a first DWI offense. However, virtually all states have sought to reduce the burden of DWI and DUI arrests by way of offering alternative diversion programs emphasizing costly defensive driving programs, probation monitoring, and substance abuse education. Once completed, defendants may have the option to dismiss, seal, or expunge arrest records.

Enhancements or Aggravated DWI Offenses

Each state carries a list of various enhancements (or criminally aggravating circumstances) that might increase the criminal burden facing a defendant, including those cases involving high blood alcohol content level, DWI arrests involving an accident, and the presence of minors as passengers. Additionally, in many states, DWI accident causing bodily injury is a serious felony. For example, in the state of Texas, aggravated DWI cases entail drivers whose BAC is found in excess of 0.12.

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