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Texas Defective Drug Lawyers

While drugs and medications are tested before they are put on the market, that testing isn’t always good enough or thorough enough. As a result, plenty of medications make it to the market and into consumer hands when they are not safe. Defective drugs can cause a variety of different injuries, illness, and even fatalities. However, even if you become a victim of one of these medications, litigation can be very confusing and extremely complex. Only an experienced attorney will be able to navigate the maze of laws ahead and acquire the proper compensation for you as the victim.

The Problem of Defective Drugs

All medications have side effects, as you probably already know. However, when the side effects become so severe that they outweigh the good that the medication could do, or they were not expected in any way, then the drug is considered defective.

If you or a loved one has been injured or you have lost a loved one because of a defective drug, then you need to contact the Bandas Law Firm in order to pursue a case against the pharmaceutical company that manufactured the medication. The attorneys at the Bandas Law Firm understand what it takes to pursue this type of lawsuit and we will work for you to help you get the compensation you deserve.

Drugs Getting on the Market

The FDA is responsible for screening new medications before they are released on the market. However, if the FDA overlooks something and the manufacturer of the drug was either negligent or purposefully dishonest with information they provided, then this could allow the drug to get on the market.

Sometimes, the drugs are caught and a recall is issued. If you take a medication that has been recalled, the best thing you can do is contact your doctor immediately. While you do need to stop taking the medication, you will need a safe replacement as prescribed by your doctor.

Victims of Defective Drugs

If you have been a victim of a defective drug, then you are entitled to compensation. This would include medical expenses, costs for any rehabilitation needed, lost wages, inhibited future earning capacity, and pain and suffering as well. However, if you don’t have an experienced attorney on your side, then you will find it extremely hard to get any compensation at all. This is not the kind of case you could face on your own, and remember that the big pharmaceutical companies will have a whole team of lawyers working for them.

The Manufacturer

A drug manufacturer does have a legal obligation to ensure any products they release on the market are safe when they are used properly. They are subject to liability claims for such things as defective design of the drug, defective manufacturing of the drug, and failure to warn consumers about something to do with the medication. They must test the medications very carefully before applying with the FDA. They must also warn consumers about any risk that comes along with the medication. If they fail to do these things, then their defective drug could cause harm and they will be responsible.

If you have been a victim or your loved one has, then know you could have a case against the drug manufacturer. However, to pursue this case, you will need to contact the Bandas Law Firm. We have experienced attorneys who know how to handle these types of claims properly for you.

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