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Xarelto Internal Bleeding

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Bayer, the company behind the blood thinning drug Xarelto, is coming under a great deal of fire right now due to harmful and potentially deadly side effects of the drug. Despite advertisements that Xarelto is safe and convenient, many patients have experienced serious problems with internal bleeding.

It is not uncommon for doctors to prescribe blood thinners to patients who have suffered from blood clots and/or who are at an elevated risk for developing clots. Older blood thinning drugs like warfarin were commonly prescribed for this purpose for many years. However, to determine the correct dosage, blood tests must be conducted. Furthermore, warfarin requires patients to adhere to a fairly strict diet to be effective.

Because Xarelto does not require blood testing or special diets, it has become very popular with doctors and patients, alike. Unlike warfarin and other drugs like it, Xarelto also does not require regular monitoring and can thus be more convenient for patients, as they will not have to schedule as many appointments with their doctors.

Safety Issues With Xarelto

However, while warfarin may require more testing, dieting, and monitoring, if a patient is injured and begins to bleed uncontrollably (either externally or internally), there is an antidote available to slow or stop the bleeding while the injury is addressed. This is not the case with Xarelto. Internal bleeding associated with Xarelto use cannot be slowed or stopped because there is no antidote available.

Thus, if a patient on Xarelto is injured and begins bleeding internally, there is no option but to wait (under medical supervision) until the drug is out of the patient’s system, when the patient’s blood will resume its ability to clot and stop the bleeding.

Symptoms of Internal Bleeding

Because Xarelto is associated with uncontrollable internal bleeding, patients taking the drug should be aware of the signs and symptoms of internal bleeding. When taking Xarelto, any accident or injury could become serious and even life threatening. Symptoms include but are not limited to:

  • Blood in the patient’s stool.
  • Dark brown or red urine.
  • Unexplained nosebleeds.
  • Vomiting or coughing up blood.
  • Persistent bruises that take longer than normal to heal or do not heal at all
  • Headaches and/or dizziness.
  • Bleeding from cuts or scrapes that does not stop after a prolonged period of time.
  • Difficulty breathing or swallowing.

If you are taking Xarelto and you are injured in any way, do not hesitate to call your doctor immediately, as Xarelto-related internal bleeding may not be immediately obvious to you or the people around you.

Xarelto Internal Bleeding Lawsuits

Because there is no antidote for Xarelto if a patient experiences uncontrollable internal bleeding, it is very important that doctors are very clear with their patients about the risks associated with using Xarelto. Some doctors, however, will opt to prescribe the drug without giving their patients a clear understanding of the potential health risks of using it.

Likewise, several lawsuits have been filed against Bayer for failure to properly warn patients about the potentially harmful (and even deadly) side effects associated with Xarelto and internal bleeding.

If you have experienced physical and/or emotional trauma as a result of internal bleeding while using Xarelto, you should contact a qualified attorney today to discuss your case. You should not be held responsible for paying for additional medical bills, lost wages, or other damages, and an attorney who’s experienced with Xarelto internal bleeding cases can help you gain the compensation you deserve. Call Bandas Law Firm today at 855-427-3332 or fill out our online contact form for a free case analysis and consultation.




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