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Three Killed In Wrong-Way Driver Crash

28 July 2015No Comments

Car AccidentA head-on crash caused by a wrong-way driver on Interstate 45 has left three people dead and several others seriously injured, including children. Department of Public Safety Trooper D.L. Wilson said, the most seriously injured survivors were flown by helicopter to Dallas hospitals.  According to dispatchers, the other victims were taken by ambulance to local hospitals. Several occupants were ejected from their vehicles and others had to be cut from the wreckage.


Investigators determined that the driver of a Chevrolet pickup truck was traveling north in the southbound lanes of the highway when the truck collided head-on with a Nissan Pathfinder, that was carrying two adults and six children.The pickup ended up in the highway median and the Pathfinder, which overturned, came to rest in the right lane and shoulder. The wrong-way driver of the pick up was identified as James Edward Warren, 78, of Richland. Warren is one of the three killed in the collision. The driver of the SUV, Aaron Mendoza, 30, of Dallas, and a 14-year old boy were also killed in the crash. Authorities say none of the six children were wearing a seat belt, and one was thrown from the SUV.

Two more vehicles struck the Pathfinder including a Hyundai Sonata in which only the driver was riding. The Sonata ended up facing south in the inside lane and the fourth vehicle, in which two people were riding, came to rest on the right shoulder, also facing south, Wilson said. A dispatcher said five helicopters were dispatched to the accident scene.


Whenever one of these tragedies occurs, the surviving family suffers significant current and future losses due to the loss of a family member and breadwinner. In these tragedies, the surviving family is sometimes able to sue for compensation in a wrongful death suit and get some of the justice that they deserve.

If your family has recently suffered a loss because of a car accident, you may be entitled to compensation. Bandas Law Firm can help you in this difficult time and fight to bring your family justice and financial support. Like other states, Texas allows its citizens to sue for wrongful death. When someone is killed, his spouse, parents, or children may bring the wrongful death suit against the other party. Texas law does not allow siblings to initiate wrongful death lawsuits.

It is also important to remember that in Texas there is a statute of limitations for wrongful death claims. You must file your claim within two years of the death, or you will not be able to file one at all. Like other personal injury claims, you will either argue that the damage was intentional or due to negligence. If you are arguing that the defender was negligent, you will have to show that they did not exercise a reasonable standard of care and that the negligence was a cause of the death. In car accident fatalities, you may also be able to prove that the defendant’s behavior was reckless. This will also entitle you to damages.




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