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What Is Personal Injury Litigation Financing?

31 October 2018No Comments

Author: Blaine Barrilleaux, Esq., The Law Offices of Blaine Barrilleaux Corpus Christi Personal Injury Lawyers Help Victims After An Accident Most law firms understand the costly fees that are attached to litigation. For this reason, seeking a third-party to financially back cases is becoming more popular. Litigation can be a lengthy process that can sometimes …

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Busy Highway Stock Photo

Most Dangerous States In America For Auto Drivers

19 September 2018No Comments

As society continues to grow, the more traffic increases on roadways. Accidents occur daily on highways, rural roads, and urban streets. Even if you’re a cautious driver, you could become a victim of an auto accident. It’s important to know how dangerous the roads are within your state. Some states have a higher percentage of …

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Fender Bender Stock Photo

What To Do When You’re Injured In A Minor Car Accident

5 September 2018No Comments

By: Ken Nunn, Esq. Minor accidents often happen, whether a door hit the side of your car, you ran over something in your driveway, or you got in a fender bender. Thankfully, small accidents tend to be easier to resolve. According to Anti-Collision Radar System (SDS), “Rear-end crashes totaled 1.8 million in 2013.” Although minor …

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New Attorney Stock Photo

Can I Switch Attorneys In A Personal Injury Case?

15 August 2018No Comments

So you’ve started a personal injury case, and it’s really not going the way you’d hoped or thought it would. You feel like you’ve got a cut-and-dried case, but your attorney seems to be having a lot of trouble pushing it through. It could be that they’re inexperienced, it could be that the insurance companies …

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Personal Injury Stock Photo

Do I Need Personal Injury Protection (PIP) Insurance?

1 August 2018No Comments

By: Attorney Mitch Grissim When you’re in an accident that results in serious injury, one of the worst parts is the stress involved in paying your medical bills. They tend to mount higher and higher while you’re just trying to get your life back under control. You’ve got a personal injury case pending, but what …

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Oilfield Stock Photo

San Antonio Energy Group Destroyed Evidence Of Oilfield Accident

18 July 2018No Comments

Even as we struggle to free ourselves from the tyranny of fossil fuels, the oil industry continues to rack up obscene and record profits. Not only does the industry control our fuel for cars, it’s in just about everything we touch, from the plastics we use every day to the varnish on your hardwood floors. …

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Construction Site Workers

Most Common Types Of Construction Site Injuries

5 July 2018No Comments

The construction business is among the most dangerous careers there are. Even with the best safety procedures, policies and education in effect, thousands of construction workers and passers-by every year are seriously injured in accidents on site. From unsecured equipment to slipping and falling to chemical burns, bruises and scars, these accidents can be utterly …

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Opioids stock photo

The War On Opioids Takes A New Turn

13 June 2018No Comments

The Opioid crisis has become epidemic all across the nation, and there’s few people who haven’t heard about it or been touched by it in some way. As the public and our government race to find ways to battle this growing problem, some states are taking new and serious measures to fight the battle. In …

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Law books stock photo.

What Is Loss Of Consortium?

30 May 2018No Comments

When you’re in an accident and you get seriously hurt with a disabling injury, it turns your entire world upside down. You’re unable to work, facing mounting medical costs and your personal relationships are damaged, possibly beyond repair. When you can’t take the same enjoyment in life or comfort from your relationships that you could …

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