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Two Killed And A Dozen Injured In 18-wheelers, Bus Collision

16 June 2015No Comments

Oil Truck Accident

At least two people have been killed, and over 10 have been sent to the hospital for injuries in a deadly crash involving two 18- wheeler trucks and a commercial bus. According to the Texas Department of Public Safety, the deadly crash happened in a construction area, as traffic stopped in front of the bus. The bus agency said was traveling out of state, around 12:40 p.m. this past Wednesday, on Interstate 10 in Weimar, Colorado County.. Texas DPS said the bus, that was carrying migrant tobacco workers from Laredo to North Carolina, hit the back of an 18-wheeler, which caused that truck to hit another 18-wheeler truck. Colorado County Justice of Peace Judge Billy Hefner stated that both people killed in the accident were on the commercial bus. The first was the bus driver, 31-year-old Miguel Angel Tobalina-Gonzalez; the second was 34-year-old Roman Juan Domicilio. The injured people were transported to hospitals, the Columbus Community Hospital and the St. Mark’s Hospital in La Grange.


Records show that the bus was operated by Turimex, a Laredo-based company that has several Houston locations. Susan James, a resident of Houston, was driving home from Hallettsville when she became trapped in the chain reaction crash. She recalled the deadly accident, “When I first got hit, I ducked, put my hands over my head and stayed down,” said James, “and I was getting bumped around so I’m sure I was being thrown around the car because it ended up under the flatbed of the truck that hit me.” James was very lucky and walked away from her crushed Cadillac SUV without a scratch.
The U.S. Department of Transportation gives the commercial bus company, Turimex, a “satisfactory” rating. In the past two years, the company has had four crashes with injuries and three without injuries. They have had no crashes with fatalities in the last 24 months. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has fined the company twice in the last six years, including nearly $1,300 for violating a rule that requires drivers be drug tested. They were also docked $2,500 for using equipment that was supposed to be out of service.
Trucking accidents typically cause more severe injuries and more fatalities due to the large size and heavy weight of semi-trucks and 18-wheelers.


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