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Two Injured In Texas Pipeline Explosion

19 August 2015No Comments

texasfieldA natural gas explosion near the small South Texas town of Falfurrias injured two people and prompted the evacuation of about 150 homes.  According to the Brook’s County Sheriff’s Office, about five hours after the explosion, families were allowed to return to their homes. Chief Deputy Urbino “Benny” Martinez said a husband and wife were injured in the explosion and were taken to a near by hospital.

The pipeline company Kinder Morgan is investigating the incident. The company said the impacted segment of the pipeline was shut down and isolated from the system on that date. Kinder Morgan company spokeswoman Melissa Ruiz stated, “Kinder Morgan continues to assess the situation following the natural gas release in Brooks County, Texas, and the company will conduct an investigation into the cause of the release. As of last night, the impacted segment of the TGP pipeline was shut down and isolated from the TGP system.  Natural gas service is being diverted to other lines on the system, and TGP is working with its shippers to minimize any reduction in service and anticipates no loss of service to residential customers.”

She continued, “Plans today include excavating the site after making one call notifications to ensure the safety of our investigation team when entering the hole and evaluating the damage.  Once that is completed, we will work on plans to repair the line and resume service.”

Gas and Fire Explosions in Texas

With the large amount of energy production and chemical processing in the state, gas and fire explosions are a frequent risk to workers and communities. If you have been injured by an explosion, you should contact an attorney to see if you can get compensation for your damages. These types of production and processing facilities can be extremely dangerous, so they are tightly regulated and have high safety standards. If a facility was violating standard safety procedures when the explosion occurred, you will likely be entitled to compensation.

If you or a loved one were injured by gas and fire explosions, you may want to make a personal injury claim. If the facility was acting negligently by not following standard procedures or properly maintaining facilities and equipment, you may be entitled to compensation. Gas and fire explosions are very dangerous, and there are many injuries you may claim in order to recover damages: Burning and Scarring, Loss of Limbs, Wrongful Death, Destruction of Property, or Poisoning. If you have recently been the victim of an oil and gas accident, please contact an attorney today. Our associates at Bandas Law Firm have experience helping victims of gas and fire explosions, and we are happy to evaluate your case and do what we can to help.

If your Texas property has been contaminated by negligent oil or gas activity, or another type of resource exploration, contact our Corpus Christi environmental contamination attorneys to fight for your Texas landowner rights. Environmental contamination can be detrimental to both your land and your health. With the help of an experienced Corpus Christi attorney, you can seek recovery for any expenses associated with detrimental environmental contamination.




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