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School Bus Accident Causes Death Of Two Students On Loop 610 In Houston

30 September 2015No Comments

Officials from the Houston Police Department have confirmed the deaths of two students, as well as injuries sustained by two additional students and a bus driver, in an auto accident causing a school bus from the Houston Independent School District to exit Loop 610 in Houston. Officials and witnesses at the scene reported an unsafe lane change initiated by a Buick LeSabre driven by another teacher in the HISD district resulting in a collision with the school bus, which later fell from Loop 610 and came to rest on the South Loop close to Telephone Road. The bus accident is currently under investigation by NTSB officials, who stated early in their investigation that the vehicle did contain seatbelts, but remained unsure as to whether all occupants were using the devices at the time of the accident.

HPD officials reported that two students from the REACH program at Furr high school died of their injuries, with two additional students from the same program sustaining serious injuries. Finally, the driver of the bus sustained non-life threatening injuries in the collision, which was the first fatal school bus accident in the state of Texas in at least seven years. According to the NTSB, school bus and other education related transportation accidents are relatively uncommon, accounting for forty-six deaths of occupants in the past five years. HISD officials additionally went on record stating that the last school bus accident in the district involving the death of students occurred in 2000, while also noting that the specific bus involved in the accident had undergone a routine maintenance testing phase as recently as July as part of preparing for the new school year.

The accident drew significant outpourings of support from across the District, the city of Houston, and the state, with Governor Gregg Abbott making a statement on the Loop 610 bus accident, while offering his personal condolences to the victims and their families. According to police officials, the driver of the Buick LeSabre indicated to investigators that the unsafe lane movement prior to the accident, which witnesses described as a rapid swerving into another lane, was the result of the perception that another vehicle was veering to closely to the driver of the Buick LeSabre.

In the state of Texas, a number of statutes address the proper path towards filing personal injury claims as the result of car or bus accidents, which an attorney can outline to victims of accidents. However, statutes in the state of Texas also employ a two year statute of limitations of filing personal injury and wrongful death claims, thus consulting with an attorney in the immediate aftermath is highly advisable to ensure that state-mandated deadlines for filing claims are met.

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