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Slipped On Ice, Can I File An Injury Lawsuit?

29 November 2017No Comments

If you slip and fall on ice, you can suffer severe injuries that result in life-altering, permanent injuries. Common injuries in a fall caused by ice include broken bones, head injuries, traumatic brain injury, neck injuries, and spinal cord injuries. It is very important that you understand your legal rights regarding a premises liability claim …

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When Is The Car Owner At Fault For The Accident?

15 November 2017No Comments

In Texas, a car owner can be held liable for the damages caused by another driver when the owner allowed the driver to borrow the owner’s vehicle. This is because insurance usually follows the vehicle instead of the driver. For example, if you allow your friend to borrow your vehicle to go to the bank …

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I Was Injured On Private Property, What Can I Do?

1 November 2017No Comments

Private landowners, homeowners, and commercial property owners have a duty to provide a safe environment to visitors. If the property owner fails in that duty, the law allows an injured victim to sue for compensation for damages. However, premises liability law does not allow you to sue for any injury that occurs on another person’s …

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Car under Heavy Rain

If The Weather Is Bad, Is The Car Accident Still My Fault?

18 October 2017No Comments

Car accidents occur in excellent weather conditions and adverse weather conditions. In some case, weather condition can be a contributing factor to a car accident.  For example, rain or ice can make roads slippery, and fog can reduce visibility. However, simply because a car accident occurs in bad weather conditions does not mean that no …

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Do I Have A Valid Slip And Fall Claim In Texas?

4 October 2017No Comments

Property owners in Texas have a duty of care to those entering upon their property to keep the property safe for visitors. Owners may be held liable for injuries sustained because of dangers or hazards the owner knew or should have known existed on the property. Depending on the victim, the owner may have the …

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Do I Pay Taxes On My Car Accident Settlement In Texas?

20 September 2017No Comments

A traffic accident can be devastating. Injuries sustained in a crash can leave you with high medical bills and significant loss of income. Even if you have minor injuries, the property damage, lost wages, and medical bills can quickly add up. If the accident was not your fault, you have the right to pursue a …

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Is Your Injury Covered By Product Liability Or Medical Malpractice?

6 September 2017No Comments

Bad outcomes with health care happen each day. Doctors and other medical providers cannot guarantee results. They cannot predict if a medical procedure will be successful or if a medication will make you worse or have catastrophic side effects. However, when health care professionals make negligent mistakes, they can and should be held liable for …

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Common Causes And Liability For Truck Accidents In Texas

23 August 2017No Comments

The commercial trucking industry in the United States is an integral element of our economy. Shipping goods by truck is one of the most efficient and economical means of transporting goods from one end of the country to the other end. However, the use of this form of transportation means that we must share the …

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Old downtown Corpus Christi, Texas.

Congressional Democrats Urge Labor Dept. To End State Abuse Of Federal ERISA And Other Workers Compensation Laws

23 October 2015No Comments

Top ranking Democratic leaders from both house of Congress have filed a public letter with the US Department of Labor in which lawmakers outline and stridently urge for the federal government, specifically the Dept. of Labor, to prevent a pervasive pattern of abuse of state workers’ compensation programs by state officials. Specifically, the letter alleges …

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Houston Man Faces Federal Criminal Charges After Shining Laser Pointer At Commercial Airlines And Police Helicopter

22 October 2015No Comments

In Houston, federal officials officially unveiled the arrest of and charges against an unemployed, 26 year old male for intentionally interfering with the operation of an aircraft by way of using a laser pointer device. Officials charged Julio Cesar Valdez Salazar with violating portions of the FAA Modernization and Reform Act of 2012, which criminalized …

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