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Did you know a full 33% of all vehicles recalled within the United States are never taken back to the dealership for repairs? Just recently, on March 9 of this year, the Honda Corporation announced that it would fully support new legislation making completed recall repairs a requirement for vehicle registration.

Honda claims that increasing the rate of recall repairs will significantly reduce the amount of risk drivers are exposed to each time they get behind the wheel. They also cite the fact that older vehicles are much less likely to be returned for repairs and that this increases danger to these vehicles’ owners a great deal.

This support is not unfounded or impromptu. There is currently an open recall on older vehicles across the industry (including those made by Honda) that were equipped with Takata airbag inflators, which may be defective. Though the vehicles are currently under recall, Honda and other car manufacturers may still be liable for damages, injuries, and/or fatalities that occur because of a failed airbag.

If you or someone you love has been injured or killed in an accident due to an airbag failure or malfunction, you should consult with airbag recall attorneys immediately. If your accident occurred before the recall was announced or if you were unaware of the recall at the time of the accident, your vehicle’s manufacturer or the dealer where you purchased your vehicle may owe you compensation.

How Airbags Work

The airbags in your car are designed to deploy upon impact. They must inflate quickly enough that your head and body do not collide with the dashboard or the side of your vehicle. For this reason, side-impact airbags are designed to deploy at a faster rate than front airbags because your seating position puts you closer to the side of your car than the dashboard or steering wheel.

Unfortunately, if an airbag’s inflator and/or deployment mechanism malfunctions, it could inflate too quickly or not at all, either of which case could cause major injuries or even death.

If You Are Injured in an Accident Due to a Defective Airbag

In the case of the Takata airbag inflators that Honda and at least nine other car manufacturers have recalled, the first recall occurred in 2008. However, the first documented case of an injury due to these malfunctioning airbags happened a full four years prior in 2004. If you were injured in an accident prior to your vehicle’s recall date, you are most likely owed compensation and should call airbag recall attorneys right away to determine how to move forward with your case.

Even if you were in an accident and injured by a recalled airbag after your vehicle’s recall date, you may still be eligible for compensation. However, in this case you will have a heavier burden of proof to show that the manufacturer or your car dealership was negligent in notifying you of the recall. If you were unaware of the recall at the time of your accident, you could have a case.

Call Airbag Recall Attorneys Today

Whether you were injured by your vehicle’s airbag before or after the recall, you should call qualified airbag recall attorneys today for a consultation. Attempting to handle this kind of claim on your own without a legal professional on your side is a poor idea. Car manufacturers’ insurance companies employ numerous attorneys every year to help them avoid paying out on claims like yours. With assistance from the right airbag recall attorneys, you will be much more likely to get the compensation you deserve.




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