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The Hidalgo County Courthouse is one of the most beautiful in all of Texas. Still, if you have an upcoming court date, it’s probably not your favorite reason for being in Edinburg. With over 80,000 people calling it home, the Gateway City to the Rio Grande Valley has a number of law firms, which is good news for you. Just be sure you make the most out of all these options before choosing one. Don’t worry, though, it’s easier to do than you probably think.

Be Patient

Yes, this is tough advice to take right now. If you’re out on bail or simply know you’re being sued, you know you’ll sleep easier once you have a competent lawyer working for you. Nonetheless, now is not the time to make a rash decision. Instead, take time with this choice and you’ll be much happier with the results. Simply opening the phone book or picking the first firm that shows up in Google is a surefire way to make matters much worse.

Ask Around

Edinburg is a big town. There’s a good chance you either know someone who has needed a lawyer before (it happens more than you think) or they know someone who has been in your shoes.

Personal referrals are a great way of looking for an attorney. Obviously, it helps you gain insight into a candidate. However, depending on the relationship between your acquaintance and the lawyer, you might be able to secure a discount.

Even if the attorney in question doesn’t practice the kind of law you need, they may still be a lot of help when it comes to securing a recommendation.


Just because you get a referral to an attorney doesn’t mean you should hire them. It should get them higher on the list, but that’s about it. That’s because you need to look at how much relevant experience the individual has. How many years have they been practicing? Where did they get their law degree (you can do a simple Google search to find out how good a school it is)?

If you’re having trouble locating this info (it should be in their website’s bio), just ask them. It’s not like lawyers can lie about this kind of thing.

When it comes to experience, though, just know that you can often benefit from the sum total of a firm’s. You may not be able to afford the name on the masthead, but that attorney isn’t going to let anyone below them go to court without a winning strategy.

Pricing and Consultation

Always expect a quote from your attorney upfront, just like you would with any important service. Make sure they are clear about their fees though. Sometimes, they may need to call an expert witness on your behalf, for example, and this will cost more. Get this quote in writing as well.

Speaking of your initial conversation, any lawyer you consider should provide you with a free consultation. Edinburg is big enough that you don’t have to waste your time with any firm that doesn’t.

Amongst other things, free consultations are great because you can get a good idea for what to realistically expect from your case. This will help you decide how to move forward in terms of the lawyer you choose and how much to spend.

However, during your consultation, be sure you know who will be working on your case. You may be meeting with the best lawyer in the building, but once you sign on the dotted line, your destiny is being managed by a paralegal.

Though Edinburg has plenty of attorneys to choose from, you don’t want just any one. You want the best one. The above advice will help in this regard.

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