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The seasoned personal injury attorneys at Bandas Law Firm have made it their united goal to stand up for the “little guy,” the individuals and businesses in Corpus Christi, Texas and nationwide that sometimes fall prey to the unfair and often improper conduct of big businesses. Our attorneys have the knowledge and experience to protect the legal rights of those injured or somehow wronged by a corporation, insurance company or oil company, especially in Texas car accidents and motorcycle accidents, 18 wheeler accidents, oil field accidents, or by defective products or dangerous drugs.

The Bandas Law Firm, led by esteemed personal injury attorney Chris Bandas, has secured significant recoveries for victims injured in a number of Corpus Christi accidents, and for the grieving families of those killed or injured caused by the negligence of others. Our qualified personal injury lawyers know how difficult it can be to deal not only with debilitating physical injuries, but also with the sometimes overwhelming burden posed by costly medical bills, sudden loss of income, and a diminished quality of life, be it temporary or permanent. With our expertise and your story, Bandas Law Firm can help you pursue adequate recovery for damages and protect yourself from the harmful and damaging actions of big businesses.

Christopher Andres Bandas – Partner

Chris Bandas

Chris Bandas is member of the Corpus Christi Bar Association, Texas Trial Lawyers and Association of Trial Lawyers of America among other profesional associations.  Chris was admitted to Texas Bar in 1993 and has practiced law for some of the state’s most prestigious law firms throughout his career.

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Robert J. Sigler

sigler_bw_75[1]Robert Sigler is a board certified personal injury trial lawyer by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization and has been with the Bandas Law Firm for several years.  Before joining our law firm, Robert worked with the Meredith Donnell and Abernathy, where he was a partner for many years and a member of the firms management committee.

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Jan Petrus - Legal Assistant

petrus_75[1]Jan Petrus has over 30 years of experience in the legal field, many of which with Bandas Law Firm.  As office manager and legal assistant, Jan assists in client intake, fact investigation, calendaring, medical workups, discovery, document production, coordinating depositions, working with experts, and is responsible for coordinating the clients’ needs and keeping them up-to-date.

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Robert Clore

Robert graduated magna cum laude from St. Mary’s University School of Law, and served two years as Briefing Attorney for Justice Nelda V. Rodriguez of the Thirteenth Court of Appeals for the State of Texas. Before joining the Bandas Law Firm, Robert provided appellate services for several highly respected defense firms in Texas, gaining insight into the tactics of large corporations and insurance companies.

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