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Even if you have not dealt with it before, you have likely seen or heard of a few product liability cases. Anytime there is a recall on a product, that’s because something about that item was dangerous and either did or could cause injuries. Every year, defective products cause serious injuries to people using those items. There are very specific legal rules that surround who is held responsible for that defective product, and these cases are very different from personal injury. If you have a product liability case, then you will need to hire representation who is experienced with these types of claims.

The Bandas Law Firm has experience with product liability cases and can help you in your own situation. If you or a loved one was injured due to a defective or faulty product, then contact us so that we can help you.

What Is Product Liability?

If a manufacturer, seller, or anyone involved in the creation and sales of a product was negligent in some manner, then the item could be sold when it is defective. If that is the case, and the product results in injury to a consumer, then someone should be held liable. This can be literally anyone in the distribution chain. Because so many different parties could be responsible, you need an experienced attorney who is capable of tracking down and pinpointing who needs to be brought to court in your claim.

If it is impossible to determine who was negligent, then you will not be able to make a case and you may not receive compensation.

The Liability Chain

One of the first things that needs to happen in order to ensure that you are properly compensated will be to find the responsible party. There are different people in the chain of development that could be this party, including:

  • The manufacturer
  • The company that manufactured the component parts of the product
  • Someone who assembled or installed the product
  • The wholesaler who handled the product
  • The retail store where the product was sold

It is important to note that product liability only applies when the product is sold through the regular course of the item. In other words, if you bought an item at a flea market or yard sale, then you most likely will not be able to hold that seller liable.

Product Defects

There are essentially three different categories of product defects. When you contact an experienced attorney, they will be able to determine which of these applies to your own case, including:

  • Design – Something that was wrong with the product from the beginning and something in the actual design led to injury.
  • Manufacturing – These defects happen during the actual assembly process of the product.
  • Marketing – This includes how the product was marketed, if it didn’t come with enough instructions, did not have proper safety warnings or if proper labeling was not included.

As mentioned, there will be different parties responsible in each of these cases. You will need to work with your attorney to determine who should be held liable and whether or not you have a product liability case against them. If you have been injured by a product, then you may have a claim against someone in the supply chain. You will need to get legal representation as soon as possible. Contact the Bandas Law Firm for a free case evaluation.

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