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Is it Legal in Texas to Send or Receive Texts at a Red Light?

Should You Engage in Texting at a Red Light?

While in Texas it's legal to send and receive text messages at a red light, it doesn't necessarily mean that it's the safest way to conduct yourself on the road. Here's why you shouldn't get into this habit.

Texting While Stopped at a Red Light Can Still be a Distraction

We've all become so accustomed to being "plugged in” for accessible communication at all times — including while we are driving in our cars. Even though it’s perfectly legal in Texas, texting or talking on your cell phone may still be a distraction when stopped at a red light. When engaged in a conversation at a red light and it turns green, you may be compelled to continue the conversation as you start to drive. This can keep you from seeing any potential dangers coming your way and could cause a severe accident. Read on for some tips on how to keep your eyes focused on the road for everyone's safety.

How to Avoid Distracted Driving

Here are some ways no you can avoid driving while distracted:

  • Only use your cell phone in an emergency. Pull over to a complete stop on the side of the road to make any phone calls. If you must continue driving, use a hands-free device.
  • Refrain from eating food or drinking beverages while driving.
  • Avoid Grooming or putting on makeup while driving.
  • Set up your navigation systems for your route before you put your car in drive.

Involved in a Distracted Driving Accident? Bandas Law Firm, P.C. is Here For You.

When a driver carelessly decides to use their cell phone or exhibits other distracted driving behaviors, it can result in a severe accident. Since distracted driving accidents are preventable by simply refraining from this bad driving behavior, it can make being involved in such an accident even more frustrating when the outcome is a severe injury.

Not only can distracted drivers fatally injure someone but victims who survive such an accident may have life-long medical and financial burdens.

If a distracted driver has severely injured you or a loved one, you have the right to pursue compensation. When it comes to holding the responsible parties accountable for their actions, we'll be on your side every step of the way and give you support when you need it most.

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