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Defective Product Lawyer

When a catastrophic injury or death occurs as a direct result of a defectively designed, manufactured or failure to warn a consumer of the dangers associated with that product, contact our Corpus Christi based product liability attorneys for experienced representation.

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Corpus Christi products liability attorney Christopher Bandas represents people who were harmed by dangerous or defective products. Consumers often do not become aware that a product they purchased or used is defective or dangerous until an adult or child suffers a serious injury or even dies.

When a catastrophic injury or death results, you need to find an experienced product liability lawyer to investigate the cause of the accident and determine which parties may be at fault.  We may be able to obtain compensation for your injuries from the companies that manufactured, designed, modified or sold the product.

Consumer Injury Resulting from Defective Products

Consumers expect the products they purchase to function properly without putting them at risk of sustaining serious injuries. It is important that medical devices in particular operate in the manner for which they are intended, since some of these products are used as life-saving measures in patients. Unfortunately, the approval process put in place for consumer products, including medical devices, allows some products to enter the market without being adequately tested or researched. This can result in an increased risk of significant injury and possibly even death among consumers, oftentimes without public knowledge.

Products liability claims can involve a broad spectrum of unsafe products:

  • motor vehicles, including cars, trucks and motorcycles, may contain poorly manufactured components that fail prematurely or design defects that cause a vehicle to rollover;
  • household appliances may pose a tipover or fire hazard;
  • machinery and tools with defective power switches may come on unexpectedly or when unattended;
  • medical devices may include design flaws that cause them to malfunction;
  • food products may be contaminated; and
  • toys and recreational equipment may present unusual hazards or contain unsafe levels of lead paint.

Determining Liability in Defective Product Cases

One of the most important aspects of litigating defective product cases is determining who is liable for the victim’s injuries, and holding that person or party responsible for the resulting consequences. Product liability law governs the liability of manufacturers, distributors, wholesalers and vendors for damages caused by dangerous or defective products. One of the most devastating instances of defective product injuries involves injury or death sustained by children resulting from the use of faulty children’s products, including dangerous drop-side cribs and certain strollers, toys and other products. In fact, some products manufactured for use with children may actually pose a significant risk of strangulation, amputation or suffocation.

Product liability claims can be classified in one of three ways: manufacturing defect, design defect or a failure to warn. Manufacturing defects are those that occur in the manufacturing process and usually involve the use of low-quality materials or poor workmanship. Design defects occur when the product design is inherently useless or dangerous no matter how carefully it was manufactured. Failure to warn defects occur in products that carry inherent dangers which could be minimized through sufficient product warnings, and these dangers are present regardless of how well the product is designed or manufactured.

Product Liability Attorneys for Defective Product Injuries

No consumer product should pose a serious risk of injury or death, especially medical devices and products intended for use with children. If you or a loved one has suffered from a significant injury, or if you have lost a loved one because of a defective product, contact the Corpus Christi product liability attorneys at Bandas Law Firm today. Our lawyers have extensive experience in defective product litigation and can help injured victims pursue fair and timely reimbursement for their injuries, medical expenses, and pain and suffering. You should not be held responsible for the injuries caused by a faulty consumer product. With the help of a qualified product liability attorney, you can collect the compensation you deserve and protect yourself from further harm.

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