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Receive Compensation for Medical Bills after Oil Drilling Accidents

Oil drilling is one of the most dangerous occupations in the United States. Although it only employs a small amount of the total workforce, less than one percent, over ten percent of total workplace fatalities from fire and explosions occur in the oil drilling industry. Just last month, 2 workers were killed in an oil and gas explosion in West Texas, and at least 16 deaths last year were caused by these types of accidents.

If you were injured in this type of accident, oil drilling accident attorneys can help you get compensation for your medical bills as well as lost wages and pain and suffering. Bandas Law Firm has experience helping individuals like you get the support they need after suffering workplace injuries. Contact us today and we will start working with you on your claim.

Oil Drilling Accidents

Working in the oil and gas industry can be extremely dangerous, and there are many types of injuries that can occur while working onsite at a drilling location. Some of these injuries include:

  • Physical Injuries
  • Injuries Caused by Exposure to Chemicals
  • Burn Injuries

Injuries Suffered at Oil Drilling Accidents

Physical injuries that can take place at a drilling site include head injuries, broken bones, and serious back injuries and back pain. Many workers fall and slip on wet surfaces, and depending on their health and age, these injuries may require hospitalization. Whether your slip was your fault or someone else’s, you will be covered by workers’ compensation, and oil drilling accident attorneys can help you get compensation.

Even more dangerous than physical injuries are chemical injuries that can occur by coming into contact with or inhaling dangerous petrochemicals. These can lead to serious respiratory problems, skin conditions, and even cancer. Always make sure you consult a doctor after coming into contact with dangerous chemicals.

Burn injuries are an especially prominent type of injury in oil and gas because of the possibility of gas and fire explosions. These injuries can be minor, but they can also be very serious, causing extreme pain and requiring tens of thousands of dollars in medical costs. If you are injured in this way at work, it is very important that you consult oil drilling accident attorneys so you can get the financial support you are entitled to receive.

Liability and Personal Injury Suits

In most cases, you will not be able to sue your employer after a workplace injury. This is because workers’ compensation insurance protects you in the case of injury, but also offers protection from liability for your employer. However, there are some cases of co-worker or employer negligence where you will be able to file a personal injury suit.  It’s important to consult with oil drilling accident attorneys such as the ones at Bandas Law Firm in order to determine what your legal options are.

In addition to personal injury suits, you may be able to file a product liability suit. If your injury was caused by malfunction of machinery or by machinery that was not designed well, you may be able to file a claim against the manufacturer. Manufacturers are held to high standards regarding machine design, and if a machine’s design does not do enough to prevent accidents or if its safety features are easily removed or incapacitated, oil drilling accident attorneys may be able to get you compensation.

Oil Drilling Accident Attorneys Can Help

Our associates at Bandas Law Firm are experienced in helping injured workers just like you. We can review your accident and determine if anyone was liable or possibly negligent.

Bandas Law Firm is a leading personal injury law firm in Corpus Christi, Texas that serves all of South Texas. Our law firm specializes in practice areas such as car accidents, truck accidents, oil field accidents and railroad cancer lawsuits. To schedule a consultation with one of our practicing attorneys, please give us a call at (361) 222-2222 or complete our inquiry contact form.




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