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Oil Field Contamination

Groundwater and environmental contamination occurs when man-made products like oil or gasoline seep into the soil and groundwater, causing them to become unsafe and unfit for human use. Not only is environmental contamination from oil fields in Texas a threat to the safety of humans and livestock, but it can also adversely affect the value and marketability of the property. With the prevalence of the oil industry in Texas, environmental contamination from oil fields occurs far too often across the state. If you have suffered an injury, or if your property has been damaged by a Texas oil field, contact our Corpus Christi environmental contamination attorneys to discuss your legal options. With the help of an experienced Corpus Christi lawyer, you can seek recovery for damages to land, injuries or illnesses, lost income, and any other expenses associated with environmental contamination from a Texas oil field.


The adverse effects of negligent oil companies and oil field accidents can have life-altering consequences for Corpus Christi landowners. Some of the major sources of ground and groundwater contamination in Texas include:

  • Leaking storage tanks
  • Improper drilling practices
  • Improper operation of oil and gas surface facilities
  • Abandoned oil wells
  • Oil spills

Estimates put the number of storage tanks containing oil and other contaminants in the United States at over 10 million, which can, over time, crack, corrode and develop leaks. As these contaminants seep into the soil and possibly even into the groundwater, consumers are put at unnecessary risk of sustaining serious illnesses and incurring significant consequences due to contaminated property. Under other circumstances, oil companies who skimp on safety procedures, fail to adequately train workers, and cut corners to save money also expose consumers and landowners to hazardous oil and other environmental contaminants.


Landowners who have been affected by environmental contamination in Texas should not be expected to shoulder the resulting consequences on their own. If you or a loved one has been injured or somehow affected by groundwater or environmental contamination from a Texas oil field, contact Bandas Law Firm today. You may be entitled to fair and timely compensation for the resulting damages by filing an environmental contamination lawsuit against the oil field owner, operator or contractor whose negligence caused the environmental problem. In addition, because Bandas Law Firm understands that it can be difficult for victims to stand up to big businesses, particularly in the oil industry, our environmental contamination attorneys will represent you with no money down.