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Texas Highway With Highest Speed Limit In United States

When the new highway connecting Austin and San Antonio opens this November, it will have the highest posted speed limit in the United States, at 85 miles per hour. And while some people oppose the higher speed limit, drawing a connection between speed and an increased risk of car accidents, this may not be the case. Statistics show that traffic fatalities have actually declined as speed limits have been elevated across the country, and the National Motoring Association has even indicated that “those driving 10 mph slower than the prevailing speed are more likely to be involved in an accident.” Still, cars traveling at high speeds on Texas roadways may be at risk of being involved in a serious car accident. If you have sustained injuries in a Texas car accident, contact our experienced car accident attorneys at Bandas Law Firm to explore your compensation options.


The maximum velocity for the 41-mile stretch of road linking Austin’s suburb of Mustang Ridge and Interstate 10 near Seguin was established by the Texas Transportation Commission (TTC) just before the Labor Day holiday. Despite the high speed limit though, the National Motoring Association says that people tend to drive the speed at which they feel safest, no matter what the posted limit is. Unfortunately, the organization states that “If the average speed on an interstate is 70 mph, the person traveling at 60 mph is more likely to be involved in an accident than someone going 70 or even 80 mph.” Since the federal government stopped setting speed limits back in 1995, some 38 states have implemented new speed limits averaging 70 miles per hour on interstate highways.


Although the new Texas toll road was built to be safely traveled at 85 miles per hour, there are a number of other factors involved in driving safely and preventing Texas car accidents. “On any road, drivers hold the key to safety based on traffic, travel conditions and the capabilities of their own vehicles,” the TTC said in a statement. The average speed on Texas roadways is 70 miles per hour, and 32,000 of the state’s 80,000 miles of road have a posted speed limit of 75 miles per hour. The current 575 miles of roadway in Texas with 80 miles per hour speed limits represent less than one percent of the total. As average speeds traveled in Texas and across the country continue to climb, drivers should pay extra attention to posted speed limits and safe driving techniques. If you have been injured in a car accident in Texas, contact Chris Bandas and his team of knowledgeable car accident lawyers at Bandas Law Firm today to discuss your legal options.