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Corpus Christi, Texas Personal Injury Lawyers

Too often, being right isn’t enough.

That’s why families and businesses alike look for strength to the
Bandas Law Firm – a trial law firm for the injured.

Founded by Chris Bandas, the Bandas Law Firm has the strength of experience, know-how, and drive. Chris Bandas was rated by his peers in the Martindale-Hubbell publication for having an “exemplary reputation” – and he has the results to back it up. Chris has secured numerous substantial recoveries while fighting for victims injured or killed
by oil field accidents, trucking accidents, and defective products. Chris has made impressive recoveries for
Texas landowners from oil industry giants who negligently contaminated or polluted their properties.
He has also stood up for small businesses and individuals with business interests, enforcing contracts and
protecting their economic rights.

The Bandas Law Firm, located in downtown Corpus Christi, was founded to protect consumers and
victims of negligence and defective products throughout Texas and nationwide. All injury cases are accepted on a contingency fee basis, meaning we only get paid if we win your claim.
- Chris Bandas
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