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Mother And Daughter Charged Four Years After Husband’s Death

Clifton police officials, years after the initial shooting incident, have filed formal conspiracy to murder charges in September of 2015 against a widow and stepdaughter duo for their role in the shooting and ultimate death of John Wesley Frizzell. The pair, who is now released on $10,000 bonds, each face charges of criminal conspiracy in light of a nearly eight-year case that had until recently lacked sufficient evidence or information to make a credible case.

According to investigators in Clifton, which is a small town about seventy miles south of Fort Worth, the investigation started in 2007 with a police report of a domestic disturbance at the Frizzell residence. Upon reaching the scene, police found the husband suffering from a gunshot wound to the head and a younger sister of the family members unconscious. Ultimately, the early investigation received reports at the scene that the husband had attempted suicide. Frizzell later survived the shooting until 2011 while remaining under nursing home care until his death. Specifically, investigators and medical officials reported at that time that Mr. Frizzell had died due to complications from the shooting, which occurred in Bosque County, Texas in 2011.

However, recent revelations in the investigation show that both the widow and stepdaughter confirmed that all three surviving family members enacted the plot in order to end the physical abuse allegedly being perpetrated against all three women at the time. Moreover, the allegedly unconscious younger sister in the case admitted to faking unconsciousness in order to fool first responders to the scene. According to the recent admissions, the shooting incident stemmed from a verbal argument that escalated into physical abuse by Mr. Frizzell, which was stopped by way of the shooting incident in question. Investigators finally obtained this information by way of confessions from all parties earlier this summer, which resolved the otherwise cold case shooting of Frizzell.

At this time, both Sharon Allman and stepdaughter Misty Glenn face charges in the state of Texas for conspiracy to murder, which apparently stem from ongoing discussions between the two as to a proposed criminal plot to end what otherwise appeared to be an ongoing pattern of criminal domestic abuse and violence in household. According to news media sources, the ultimately fatal shot was fired by Misty Glenn, but at this time, it is unclear as to whether any criminal charges will be filed in connection to the shooting incident itself, as numerous exculpatory factors appear to be present in this case, as well as in the specific domestic violence incident leading to murder that police were tasked with investigating.