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What’s the Difference Between Dismemberment and Amputation?

Dismemberment and Amputation are Both Catastrophic Injuries

Losing a limb is a devastating and traumatic experience, and no matter how it happens, survivors are faced with lifelong physical and emotional challenges. There are two ways limb loss can occur: by dismemberment or amputation. Here’s the difference between each.


The main difference between amputation and dismemberment is that amputation is a surgical procedure for removing extremities or part of an extremity, such as an arm, leg, foot, hand, toe, or finger. Approximately 1.8 million people live with amputations in the U.S. There are many reasons why amputation is necessary. The following are some examples:

  • Severe injury from a motor vehicle accident
  • Burn injuries
  • Cancerous tumors
  • Severe infections that do not resolve with medications
  • Neuroma (thickening of nerve tissue)
  • Frostbite


Dismemberment happens when a person is involved in a catastrophic accident that causes the loss of a limb. Dismemberment can occur through the following types of accidents:

  • Car accidents
  • Heavy equipment accidents
  • Tool accidents

The industrial and construction industries have strict regulations regarding safety due to the increased risk of dismemberment while working with dangerous machines and tools.

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