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TxDOT Increases Safe-Driving Efforts in Eagle Ford Following Fatal Traffic Accident

The Texas Department of Transportation is launching a safe-driving campaign in response to a spike in traffic accidents in the Eagle Ford Shale region of the state. Just last month, three oilfield workers on their way home from a 16-hour shift were killed in a tragic collision with a school bus that investigators believe may have been caused by driver fatigue. The previous week, three other oilfield workers died when their truck slammed into the back of a parked tractor-trailer. TxDOT’s $1.2 million “Be Safe. Drive Smart” campaign encourages drivers to adopt safe habits when sharing Texas roadways with increased oilfield-related traffic, commercial trucks and work crews. If you have been injured in a serious trucking accident in Texas, contact our personal injury lawyers at Bandas Law Firm today for legal help.


The new safe-driving campaign, which is being promoted by the Texas Department of Public Safety, the energy industry and local communities, includes gas pump ads, billboards, newspaper ads and TV and radio spots featuring residents in the Eagle Ford Shale area. “We want to educate motorists to help them be more aware of the special challenges they might face when traveling through high-traffic energy product areas,” said TxDOT spokesperson Becky Ozuna. “Many may not be used to sharing the road with so many vehicles and large trucks. We are urging them to buckle up, stop for all stop signs and red lights, drive at a safe speed, give trucks space on our roadways, pass carefully and give driving their full attention.”


The Eagle Ford region has experienced explosive growth recently, with oilfield rigs clogging county and Farm to Market roads that are not necessarily designed to handle such heavy traffic, especially traffic consisting of big-rigs and tractor-trailers. In addition, warns Laura Lopez of the Texas Department of Transportation, the sheer pressure of the build-up of oil operations has resulted in an increased likelihood of drivers speeding, driving recklessly or driving drowsy on Texas roadways, which puts oilfield workers and other motorists throughout the state at risk for motor vehicle accidents, injuries and deaths.


The surge in traffic accidents hitting the Eagle Ford area is a serious concern, one that extends beyond the capacity of the region’s police departments. In 2013 alone, there were a whopping 3,430 motor vehicle accidents in the Eagle Ford region of Texas, resulting in numerous serious injuries and 236 fatalities, the TxDOT reports. If you have suffered injuries in a traffic accident in Corpus Christ, or elsewhere in Texas, or if you lost a loved one in a fatal car wreck, consult our knowledgeable attorneys at Bandas Law Firm today. Our lawyers have years of experience protecting the rights of car accident victims throughout Texas, and can help you pursue the financial compensation you deserve for your losses.