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Two Children Hospitalized After Being Hit By SUV

Police cars

Two Corpus Christi children were hit by an SUV Tuesday night. One of the children remains hospitalized, the other has returned home.

The child now home is Caleb Edwards, age 10, who suffered being hit by the SUV at the La Armada Apartments. Caleb’s grandmother Donna Cantu said, Caleb has a concussion, scrapes and bruises, but is expected to make a full recovery. The other victim is a young girl who’s said to be seriously injured. The young girl, also age 10, is expected to be transferred to a hospital in San Antonio for additional treatment. Both children had been sitting in the street when the SUV hit them. The driver told police he didn’t see them, he was not ticketed.

The 10-year-old boy and girl were on the 1400 block of Tompkins when the driver came around the corner. According to Cantu, the kids were laying on the street watching the clouds. “He said that the car was coming and they were getting up and the car hit him and he somewhat went under the car,” she said. Allegedly, the 10-year-old boy blacked out after he hit his head on the bumper of the SUV. “When he woke up he was being dragged by the car,” said Cantu. The driver told officers he didn’t see the kids. As a result, he was not ticketed and was ruled that it was not his fault.

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