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20-year-old Dies In Work Accident

3 July 2015No Comments

imagesAn industrial accident involving a contract employee at the Jefferson Energy Terminal has killed a young man. A supervisor with Trans Global Solutions reports that the Beaumont resident, Landon Russell, 20, died after an accident involving a crane at the Jefferson Energy Terminal on the Orange County side of the Port of Beaumont.

A Trans-Global Solutions executive stated that the accident involving the crane happened between 9 p.m. and 10 p.m. The executive said Russell, 20, worked for Trans Global Solutions, along with several other family members. The executive said their thoughts and prayers are with his family.

Mark Viator with Jefferson Energy Company, reported that the fatality happened at the Jefferson Energy Terminal. Jefferson Energy leases property from the Port of Beaumont, on the Orange County side. He says workers from Trans-Global load crude oil from rail cars onto barges.”Our thoughts and prayers, and our heartfelt sympathy, are with the young man’s family. TGS reported the incident to OSHA. The matter is under investigation,” said Viator.

Family members of Russell said he was a 2013 graduate from West Brook High School. He loved football, always wore a smile, and made people laugh.


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